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About ume

#1 fund distribution due diligence platform
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Connect to the world’s largest network of investment fund managers, distributors, and institutional investors and streamline your due diligence process like never before.

With ume, you can share your own due diligence information and receive information from others in a secure and efficient manner.

ume already connects more than 400 investment management companies with thousands of fund distributors and institutional investors across 100 countries.

More than 400 fund managers connected on the platform
The platform has already facilitated more than 50,000 connections
The network spans 100 countries and counting


2023 Nicsa Innovation in Distribution award
2023 Nicsa Innovation in Distribution award
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Regtech award 2022
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RegTech 100 2019
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Fintech Europe 2018
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Finalist in the BBVA Fintech Business Awards 2018
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RegTech innovation of the year 2018
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Winner Temenos Innovation Jam Luxembourg
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Graduated at the Fit4Start Autumn 2017 edition
finance status of the year 2017
Luxembourg Finance Innovation

How it works

Streamline your due diligence with ume - a trusted, industry-standard platform for informed decision making
We provide an industry standard questionnaire that has been curated by the world's leading investment managers and distributors to ensure that you have all the information you need to make informed decisions.
The platform also supports your AML/KYC process by allowing you to collect and contribute the necessary standard documents, plus templated ownership and control information.
You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you have a full audit trail of your conversations, and easily integrate ume into your existing tools and products with our API.
With ume you can stay on top of your ongoing monitoring obligations by using the commonly agreed KPIs.
You deepen the relationship with your counterparties and streamline your due diligence process with ume. Our multilingual support team fosters strong relationships and assists with user queries. Your counterparties maintain information about their contacts, so you don't have to.
You engage in a dialogue with your counterparties and ask follow-up questions to better understand their answers. The platform also automates the evaluation and reporting process and includes a risk assessment that is tailored to your risk appetite.
You take advantage of ready-made reports with preformatted templates, flexible dashboards, and a full set of data. With powerful data analytics and custom reporting, you can easily slice and dice the wealth of data you collect to create insights and reports that truly matter.


Empowering compliance, simplifying due diligence with ume
ume enables you to save up to 90% time
Current situation ume
36% Collect data
27% Analyse
23% Report
14% Decide
10% Total process flow
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Avoid a regulatory compliance breach. The platform users share their understanding of the rules and work together to maintain and update the ume standardised set of information requirements, continually evolving in line with new regulation and industry standards.
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Reduce compliance cost. Provide your information once and share it with all your counterparties. Manage the information of all your counterparties in one place. Automate the evaluation of the information.
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Obtain the information you need. Faster. Thousands of investment managers and fund distributors have already completed their due diligence on the ume platform - you can easily connect to them to obtain it. The ume multilingual support team builds personal relationships with users to build new connections, and maintain existing ones.
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Manage distribution risk. ume automates your risk-based compliance. You can focus on the real real issues.
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Manage your stakeholders. Deep analytical capabilities and great reports makes it easy for you to manage your internal and external stakeholders.
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Optimise. The platform helps you optimise your due diligence process, with all your counterparties’ information in one place.
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Secure the information exchange. Independent third parties regularly verify that the ume platform security is comprehensive and provides the highest level of protection of your data.


Your success, our priority:
The team that delivers exceptional compliance support
Laurent Denayer
Rolf Bachner
Oleksiy Shostak
Graham Goodhew
Independent Director
Non-Executive Director
Words from our founder

I decided to leave my position as a partner at EY and establish ume because I was dissatisfied with the lack of transparency and exclusivity prevalent in the investment industry, a sentiment shared by many others.​

At ume, we have developed the largest smart ecosystem of due diligence platforms for fund distribution, and we are grateful for the strong and dedicated user base that supports us. We have successfully eliminated the burdensome aspects of the due diligence process by facilitating connections between hundreds of companies every day, enabling them to conduct business with one another.​

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Hear from our clients
ume simplifies distributor due diligence

ume has allowed us to digitalise our distributor due diligence process and reach a network coverage beyond our initial targets. Also, during the regulator’s inspections, we presented our process and underlined it with a ume walkthrough that we used to address their questions.
Topics covered included the risk-based assessment, the integration of country risk and negative media, the follow-up and additional question features, the frequency of updates and the collection of documentation.

They were positively impressed by the:

  • results attained with ume whether from a coverage perspective,
  • beneficial equilibrium allowed between automation and integration of expert judgment,
  • quality of the audit trail.
Large US investment fund manager

By selecting a secure, easy-to-use platform we are able to significantly reduce the workload for all involved. ume has established a market leading position with our largest financial intermediary distributors and we are delighted to be working with them.

Brian Blanchard, MBA, Conducting Officer - Global Distribution, AllianceBernstein

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